Compagnie Franco-Roumaine de Navigation Aérienne

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Promotional poster featuring flights from Paris

We have little on this firm, and they stretch our years of focus somewhat, though they do connect a few data areas already on hand. They were located, or at least primarily officed at, 22 Rue des Pyramides, Paris, France. In 1921 a Moteurs Salmson plane, billed along the lines of re-purposed military, or "modèle de guerre transformé", is featured. They would utilize an "Aéroplane Tri-Moteur Caudron C8I" (or C81?) in 1924. (These Caudron designations veer somewhat from those we have on hand and those most thoroughly handled in Wikipedia. Further specification may come up later.)[1]

We may revisit this, though it largely pertains to industrial scale post-World War I developments the prelude to which have been our focus.


  1. Boutineau, Maryla, La C.F.R.N.A.-C.I.D.N.A. première compagnie aérienne européenne 1920-1933: Aux origines d'Air France, Editor Editions Heimdal, 2020, ISBN 2840485621, 9782840485629

Names Compagnie Franco-Roumaine de Navigation Aérienne, Compania Internațională de Navigație Aeriană, C.F.R.N.A., C.I.D.N.A.
Country FR, RO
City Paris, Strasbourg, Prague, Warsaw, Vienna, Belgrade, Budapest, Bucharest, Constantinople (Instanbul), Ankara
Keywords Passenger, Infrastructure
Started aero 1920
Ended aero 1933
Key people
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