Benjamin Franklin to Richard Price 16-Aug-1784

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Reporting on advancement of aeronautics in France:

The commencement here of the art of flying will, as you observe, be a new epoch. The construction and manner of filling the balloons improve daily. Some of the artists have lately gone to England. It will be well for your philosophers to obtain from them what they know, or you will be behindhand; which in mechanic operations is unusual for Englishmen.

Also mentions Joseph Priestly and the Royal Society.


  • Aeronautical Annual, vol. 1 (1895), citing The Works of Benjamin Franklin by Jared Sparks (Boston, 1838)
Sender Benjamin Franklin
Recipient Richard Price
Date sent 16-Aug-1784
From location Passy, France
To location
Communication type
Language English
Refers to flight? 1
Tech fields balloon, LTA
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