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See "Antoinette in the Air: Hubert Latham and His Historic Flight Over Baltimore, 1910" at the Maryland Historical Society. MD H.S. also has a box collection on this event: "Howard Cruett Wilcox/Halethrope Air Meet Collection - PP139": "Featured airmen were Frenchmen Hubert Latham and Count Jacques de Lesseps, Americans Charles Willard, J. Armstrong Drexel (Doescel?), Eugene Ely, and Arch Hoxsey, and Englishman James Radley. Featured planes included Latham's Antoinette, plus examples of the Blériot monoplane and Wright biplane." Organized by Colonel Jerome Joyce and promoted by Sunpapers. Also mentioned in "It Began At Belmont: The Birth of Naval Aviation" (William F. Trimble, Naval Aviation News) as a convincing demonstration of the military use of new aircraft.

About 7,000 saw the first flights. Willard was amusing the crowd by pivoting about a particular pylon when someone caught sight of what he thought was an enormous bird flying for the grounds. It proved to be Radley flying over from where he had assembled his machine a mile off from the grounds.[1]

Was postponed until November 6 due to weather; went through November 12.[1]

Most of the activity was in Halethorpe (south-west of Baltimore); Latham at one point overflew the city.[1]


Event names Baltimore
Event type exhibition
Country US
Locations Halethorpe, Baltimore County, Maryland
Start date 1910-11-06
Number of days 7
Tech focus Airplane, Biplane, Military, Fun

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