Argus Motorenwerke

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[Inferring identity of "Argus Motorenwerke" and "Argus Motoren".]

Founded as manufacturer of automobile parts. The Argus is "said to be the first German airplane engine."[1]

The early models closely followed motor car engine lines, at first not very reliable, but later refined to such an extent that during 1912 Argus engines were used almost exclusively in German airplanes. They were superseded, however, by the superior Mercedes and Benz designs in 1913 and 1914 and were used to a very limited extent during the war.[1]

Engines listed in Dir1920 at Berlin-Reinickendorf, Germany.[2]


Names Argus Motorenwerke, Argus Motoren G.m.b.H.
Country Germany
City Berlin-Reinickendorf
Started aero before 1912
Ended aero
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