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1909.1.1 - Anzani advert.png

The Anzani company made engines including for Blériot's 1909 flight; made hydrofoil; did business with Coventry Ordnance Works (COW).

British branch started 1912.

Key persons included Alessandro Anzani; Enrico Forlanini; Deschamps; Blondeau

A 1912 brochure from the company makes a big deal of the 1909 Blériot channel crossing. It advertises 3-, 6-, and 10-cylinder engines, with two different varieties of each; good descriptions, specs, and pictures.



Names Anzani
Country France
City 112, Boulevard de Courbevoie, Courbevoie, Paris
Started aero 1907
Ended aero
Key people Alessandro Anzani
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