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Alfredo Guillermo Leigh was a dentist and an aero inventor, who filed patents from 169 Carman, Santiago, Chile. Later he moved to the U.S. and filed patents from there. One British patent records his first name as Alfred.


See also several aero patents listed at Here's a list to include from there; include google patents links to all these:

  • Aeroplane CA CA203254A Guillermo Leigh Alfredo Guillermo Leigh Alfredo Granted 1920-08-24 • Published 1920-08-24
  • Aeroplane with inherent stability US US1404129A Leigh Alfredo Guillermo Leigh Alfredo Guillermo Priority 1919-02-25 • Filed 1919-02-25 • Granted 1922-01-17 • Published 1922-01-17
  • Improvements in automatic stability airplanes DE FR FR498841A Alfredo Guillermo Leigh Alfredo Guillermo Leigh Priority 1919-02-25 • Filed 1919-04-23 • Granted 1920-01-23 • Published 1920-01-23
  • plane DE DE411258C Alfredo Guillermo Leigh Priority 1921-01-08 • Filed 1921-01-08 • Granted 1925-03-21 • Published 1925-03-21
  • plane DE DE403627C Alfredo Guillermo Leigh Granted 1924-10-02 • Published 1924-10-02

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Alfredo Guillermo Leigh or Alfred Guillermo Leigh

Names Alfredo Guillermo Leigh
Birth date
Death date
Countries Chile
Locations Santiago, Chile
Occupations dentist
Tech areas automatic stability
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