Alexandre Lévêque

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Alexandre Lévêque was an inventor, of a multi-applicable "aéro-carburetor", thereby having to do with propulsion pertinent to aviation and otherwise, and filing from 12, rue Saint-Romain, Cenon, département Gironde.[1]

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Alexandre Lévêque

  • Patent FR-1854-64552 (English title: Apparatus called aero-carburator, applicable to the heating/lighting/ignition(?) of machines, to lighting in general, able to serve in machines lenoir, hugon and others, and to be applied to aerial navigation, Filing date: 1864-09-29)


Names Alexandre Lévêque
Birth date
Death date
Countries FR
Locations 12, rue Saint-Romain, Cenon département Gironde
Tech areas Motors, Carburetor
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