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This is the "Publication" template. We may want to split articles, books, periodicals, and secondary sources into different categories with different templates; please put suggestions on the discussion page here.

  • For Countries, generally use the ISO 3166-1 standard two-letter abbreviations in caps, e.g. GB, US, DE, FR, IT, RU, ZA, and NL. These are the ones Wikipedia uses. For cases not listed there, like the earlier principalities of Germany and Italy (e.g. Bavaria, Sachsen/Saxony, Sardinia), use a term or abbreviation that makes sense and we'll figure it out. List multiple countries when appropriate, putting semicolons between the elements of the list. "DE;AT" is common because many works were published in both Germany and Austria; "GB;US" is common too. It is not always clear when to use AT for Austria and HU for Hungary versus AH for the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Tentatively use the modern smaller country names when possible, because for later analysis it is not hard to aggregate them. For patents, it seems that the AH units analogous to our modern countries had their own patent offices, but for publications there may be difficult ambiguities. It is okay to list AT and AH in a list.
  • For Languages, use the ISO 639-1 standard two-letter abbreviations as Wikipedia does, in lower case, e.g. en, fr, de, nl. Here's a list of the abbreviations. If that list is insufficient, use something else and we'll figure it out later. List multiple languages, if that makes sense, and put semicolons between the abbreviations in a list.
  • Names of pages about publication, are usually of the form "author, year, compressed title". When no author is known, a possible title is "Publication #12345, year, compressed title". Toss out year or compressed title if they are not known. Variations are fine. Feel free to add a suffix letter a/b/c/etc to make a page name distinct or clear. If two titles are the same, feel free to add a suffix identifying the journal or other publication, preferably using a short abbreviation like AJ for Aeronautical Journal. Publications without clear author info will often have "Publication B2xyz" in their page titles where the number comes from the indexes created for separating them out among Brockett entries. This is not elegant but it helps get the publications imported without duplication and ambiguity. It is fine to rename those pages afterward; we can find and report on them using the Publication template when needed.
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