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Alessandro Nuvolari and Michelangelo Vasta. 2015. Independent invention in Italy during the liberal age, 1861-1913. Economic History Review 68, 858-886.

Various editions: [1]; version with Magazzini; [2]; related paper on geography of invention; 2015 version; Alessandro Nuvolari & Michelangelo Vasta, 2015. "The geography of innovation in Italy, 1861-1913: evidence from patent data," Department of Economics University of Siena 724, Department of Economics, University of Siena ; [3]; [4]; EHR version; SSRN version

Abstract from LEM Working Paper Series 2013/20: . . . We "use of a new dataset comprising all patents granted in Italy in five benchmark years: 1864-65, 1881, 1891, 1902 and 1911. We carry out the following exercises. First we examine the relative shares of independent, corporate and foreign inventions and their evolution over time and across industries. Second, by exploiting the peculiarities of Italian patent legislation which established a maximum patent length of fifteen years and a flexible renewal scheme which allowed inventors to maintain a patent 'alive' for almost any specific duration, we assess the relative quality of independent and corporate patents. Our results indicate that in Italy independent inventors provided an important contribution to technological change but the quality of their patents was significantly lower than that of firms and of foreign patentees."

See also Nuvolari and Vasta, 2019 and Risorgimento.

Original title Independent invention in Italy during the liberal age, 1861-1913
Simple title Independent invention in Italy during the liberal age, 1861-1913
Authors Alessandro Nuvolari, Michelangelo Vasta
Date 2015
Countries IT, GB
Languages en
Keywords patents, fees, government institutions, commercial law, national discrimination, Italy
Journal Economic History Review
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Page count 29
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