Texas Aero Manufacturing Co.

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George W. Williams had built light monoplane, 1908, founder. Brother Eldon Kent Williams may have been a co-founder and appears to have worked informally with George. E. K. was editor of the Temple Daily Telegram, Temple, Texas, the city's first daily newspaper, which he had co-founder in 1907.

From 1910, George had experimented with his brother E.K., in designing a monoplane. By 1913, dubbed the "Temple Monoplane," it was in the air, likely flown by E. K. since George did not learn to fly until WWI. The story is that E. K. used the aircraft to deliver newspapers to rural areas and that the Williamses got postal delivery routes. These activities may have been after WWI. There is no known commercial output from Texas Aero Manufacturing Co. In 1920, it was reorganized as George Williams Airplane and Manufacturing Co. and produced several "Texas Temple" parasol monoplanes.


Names Texas Aero Manufacturing Co.
Country US
City Temple, TX
Started aero 1911
Ended aero 1920
Key people George W. Williams, Eldon Kent Williams
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