Tesla, 1900, The Problem of Increasing Human Energy

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See review by Carl Dienstbach, Dienstbach, 1900, N. Tesla und O. Chanute über die Flugmaschine.


Again, it is contended by some that the advent of the flying-machine must bring on universal peace. This, too, I believe to be an entirely erroneous view. The flying-machine is certainly coming, and very soon, but the conditions will remain the same as before. In fact, I see no reason why a ruling power, like Great Britain, might not govern the air as well as the sea. Without wishing to put myself on record as a prophet, I do not hesitate to say that the next years will see the establishment of an "air-power," and its center may be not far from New York. But, for all that, men will fight on merrily.

Also predicts the dominance of aluminum compared to copper, iron, and other metals, due to light weight, facility of manipulation, and incipient decrease in price.

Central argument is the possibility of pulling electricity out of the atmosphere, which would enable many different wonderful achievements (including power for aircraft – a possibility upon which which Tesla later elaborated).

Original title The Problem of Increasing Human Energy: With Special Reference to the Harnessing of the Sun's Energy
Simple title The Problem of Increasing Human Energy
Authors Nikola Tesla
Date 1900-06
Countries US
Languages en
Keywords electricity, energy, propulsion, military, warfare, war, future, prediction, aluminum, copper, metal, solar power, atmosphere, gas, unmanned, remote control
Journal Century Magazine
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