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Founders or key people: Holden C. Richardson, A. S. Richardson. Made seaplane bodies, tandem biplane flying boats, and twin-tractor seaplanes; the latter, featuring two 90hp engines with three-bladed tractor props, triple floats, and triple cockpits, was in conjunction with the Washington Navy Yard, Washington DC. Work also appears to have been done in Philadelphia and, at least from 1915, New Orleans. In May 1916, pilot George Alphonse Gray tested a single-float tandem-wing biplane hydro on the Potomac River at Washington DC; this was said to have been considered by the U.S. Army for service in the 1916 Mexican campaign, but was never used in that role. U.S. patent for hydroaeroplane granted 15 Feb. 1916.

Patent assigned to this company, invented by John Chapman: Patent US-1916-1172196


Names Richardson Aeroplane Corp., Richardson Aeroplane Company
Country US
City Lowell, MA; Washington, DC; Philadelphia, PA; New Orleans, LA.
Keywords hydroplanes, seaplanes, military
Started aero 1916
Ended aero
Key people Holden C. Richardson, A. S. Richardson
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