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Col. J. B. Miller, Walter L. Fairchild, Walter H. Phipps; designed by Phipps and built under his direction.

Tractor biplanes, constructed in steel, using little or no welding, all parts being made on jigs and assembled by bolting to special fittings, most of which were interchangeable, 1916. Designed in four styles, a 1-seater scout, a 2-seater scout, a standard 2-seater, and a large-spand 2-seater; each convertible into a seaplane by mounting of two single-step floats that were attached to the same fittings that carried the land chassis.

According to 2dG, were marketed unsuccessfully from New York City, NY.


Names M.F.P., Miller-Fairchild-Phipps
Country Canada, USA
City constructed at Polson Iron Works, Toronto; offices appear to have been in New York, NY.
Started aero 1916
Ended aero 1916?
Key people J. B. Miller, Walter L. Fairchild, Walter H. Phipps
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