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Matthew Piers Watt Boulton (a.k.a. M.P.W. Bolton) was an independent British scientist now credited with inventing and patenting the aileron in 1868, long before it became a standared device.[1]

His grandfather was the Matthew Boulton who was a business partner of James Watt, inventor of the high pressure steam engine and a major figure in the first/British industrial revolution.[2]

Many images of Boulton's patents and work are on Wikimedia Commons:

In 1868 Boulton reported his location as Tew Park, County of Oxford, and his "occupation" as "Gentleman."[3] Tew Park more or less still exists.[4]


Patents whose inventor or applicant is Matthew Piers Watt Boulton

Names Matthew Piers Watt Boulton
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Countries GB
Occupations scientist
Tech areas Aileron
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