Langley, 1891, Experiments in Aerodynamics

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Samuel Pierpont Langley. Experiments in Aerodynamics. Washington: Smithsonian Institution, 1891. Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, No. 801.

Online at Internet Archive.

"Commission to whom this memoir has been referred." Prof. Simon Newcomb, USN; Prof. Henry A. Rowland; Prof. Cleveland Abbe.


If there prove to be anything of permanent value in these investigations, I desire that they may be remembered in connection with the name of the late William Thaw, whose generosity provided the principal means for them.
I have to thank the board of direction of the Bache fund of the National Academy of Sciences for their aid, and also the trustees of the Western University of Pennsylvania for their permission to use the means of the observatory under their charge in contributing to the same end, and I desire to acknowledge especially the constant and valued help of Mr. Frank W. Very, who has assisted me in all these experiments, and my further obligation to Mr. George E. Curtis, who has most efficiently aided me in the final computations and reductions.

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