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Lang Propeller Limited (or perhaps Lang Propellers) manufactured aeroplane propellers. It was founded in 1913 and began manufacture before 1917. The company was located in Weybridge, County of Surrey, Great Britain.

The firm was founded by Arthur Alexander Dashwood Lang, and probably employed Charles Arthur Laing as works manager and George Mills as carpenter and joiner, who filed patents as co-applicants with the company.

The company had previously been called Lang, Garnett and Co.. From Flight, Oct 4, 1913: "We understand that Mr. D. E. Garnett having severed his connection with Messrs. Lang, Garnett and Co., the name of the firm has been changed to the Lang Propeller, Ltd. Communications should in future be so addressed to the Riverside Works, Weybridge, Surrey. The Firm's telephone number is Weybridge 182 and their telegraphic address 'Aerosticks' Weybridge.""[1]

Lang Propeller is the name appearing on patents. Wikipedia has a substantial page with the name Lang Propellers.[2]

Years of operation 1913-1936 come from Wikipedia; so far we observe only 1917-1919 here. En.wp says the firm was merged into another one in 1936. Lang himself was still active in technical research at that time.


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Names Lang Propellers, Lang Propeller, Lang Propeller Limited, Lang Propeller Ltd., Lang, Garnett and Co.
Country GB
City Weybridge, County of Surrey
Keywords aerial propeller
Started aero 1913
Ended aero 1936
Key people Arthur Alexander Dashwood Lang, Charles Arthur Laing, George Mills
Wikidata id