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Patent category CPC G01C21/18 is for Navigational instruments and methods integrating acceleration and speed measurements, e.g. gyroscopes.[1][2]

Category tree:

  • CPC G01: Instruments for measurement or testing
    • CPC G01C: Measuring distances, levels, or bearings; surveying; navigation; gyroscopic instruments; photogrammetry or videogrammetry
      • CPC G01C17/00: Compasses; Devices for ascertaining true or magnetic north for navigation or surveying purposes (using gyroscopic effect G01C19/00)
      • CPC G01C21/00: Navigational instruments not in groups CPC G01C1/00 - CPC G01C19/00
        • CPC G01C21/10: by using measurements of speed or acceleration (G01C21/24, G01C21/26 take precedence)
          • CPC G01C21/12: executed aboard the object being navigated; Dead reckoning
            • CPC G01C21/16: by integrating acceleration or speed, i.e. inertial navigation
              • CPC G01C21/166: Mechanical, construction or arrangement details of inertial navigation systems
              • CPC G01C21/18: Stabilised platforms, e.g. by gyroscope


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