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Harry Egerton Wimperis was an engineer who worked on instruments measuring acceleration and velocity. Starting in 1915, when he was in the Royal Navy Air Service, he developed bombsights which would help a military person in an aircraft adjust for the wind to drop a bomb, to hit the intended target. He continued in this research and development role as the naval air service merged into the Royal Air Force.

Wimperis wrote several books including A Primer of Air Navigation (1920).

Some of his papers are available on microfilm at Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa; see Harry Egerton Wimperis fonds, 1907-1941, 1971, [catalogued?] 23 July 2014

He went on to invent/develop radar systems.

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Names Harry Egerton Wimperis
Birth date 1876/08/27
Death date 1960/07/16
Countries GB
Locations Goring-on-Thames
Occupations engineer, military officer
Tech areas Instrument, Speedometer, Bomb, Military, bombsight
Affiliations RNAS, Royal Air Force
Wikidata id Q5673446