De Fonvielle, 1885, Les ballons à voile de M. Andrée

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Wilfrid de Fonvielle. "Les ballons à voile de M. Andrée". L'Aéronaute, 28e Année, № 6, June 1885; pp. 125
Attachment of guide-rope and sail to balloon suspension circle.

Lecture given by WdF (and Mallet & Triboulet?), 18 April 1885, to the Société française de navigation aérienne, after Salomon August Andrée's discussion, in Stockholm on November 1884 to the Swedish Royal Academy (Kungliga Vetenskapsakademien), of his balloon ascent from Gothenburg on 14 July 1894.

This ascent had the special purpose of testing some of Andrées theories on the guide-rope, conceived on a previous ascent on 18 November 1893 above the Baltic Sea. He gets into detail about the fabrication and set-up of the guide-rope itself, as well as the sail hung between the suspension circle and the balloon netting.

Andrée attached the guide-rope at different points on the suspension circle and measured the resulting deviation of the balloon from the direction of the wind.