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Patents were and are registered in Germany at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office, called in German the Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt (DPMA).[1]

Until 1918 this office was called the Kaiserliche Patentamt.

Depatis and DepatisNet

Depatis is the name of their information system about patents. DepatisNet is the name of the online search of that system through

Sometimes this source is cited simply as DPMA and refers to the online German patent office search, which includes original docs of many historical patents, maybe the overwhelming majority of them from DE, AT, and CH. Depatisnet is the name of the subdomain in the URL. Beginner search entering Carl Wilhelm Paul does yield French and British patents as well.

use format DE202333 in searches like this:

It's hard to find early ones. I look for Lilienthal's, and didn't find them; it seems that patents that far back do not have the inventor's name in the name field, and I don't see how to search a range of years. But that example DE202333 is from 1908, by William Henry Fauber. I'm not sure how to get a direct link to the original patent doc.

There are a number of fields designated for international patent classification categories; in older samples consulted so far, "MCD-Nebenklasse"[2] is usually the only one filled in; it seems to correspond to CPC.

On this aero wiki, certain templates create quick links to the basic bibliographic info DPMA has on patents. They differ slightly by country:


unpacks to

Analogously for Austria use


or for Switzerland



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  2. Nebenklasse here means sub-classification, or specific classification, as opposed to Hauptklasse.