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CPC B64F2700/6284 was a patent subclass, apparently for water propellers, rudders and brakes. This source tells us what it was for. (Yes, it's in Japanese.)[1]

The class was abolished, and severely deprecated. The usual formatted links to espacenet and USPTO don't work to bring anything up about it. This document , page 60, says the category was abolished in 2017, and that patents in this class were to be moved to B64F1, B64F3, and B64F5, but it does not say what the subclass's content was before.[2]

Because we have several patents identified in this class we may be able to verify what it was for.


This wiki has 9 patents in category "CPC B64F2700/6284".

Patents in category CPC B64F2700/6284

Enclosing categories CPC B64F2700/6203, CPC B64F2700/00, CPC B64F
Keywords abolished, deleted
Start year
End year 2017