Trans-Atlantic Balloon Company

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Formed by O. A. Gager after making a successful ascent with John La Mountain in a John Wise balloon. The company had five members, each with an equal share: Gager, La Mountain, Wise, Mr. Johnson, and Mr. Gilbert. The goal was to make a balloon voyage across the Atlantic.

From fall 1858 to spring 1859, in Lansingburg, New York, La Mountain, directed by Wise, constructed the Atlantic. It set off from St. Louis for the East Coast on 1 July 1859. The crew, La Mountain, Wise, and Gager, set a new world record for distance, but the balloon was destroyed.[1]


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Names Trans-Atlantic Balloon Company
Country US
Started aero 1858
Ended aero
Key people John Wise, John La Mountain, O. A. Gager
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