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Léon-Georges Lévy, financier; designer not yet identified.

This appears to be a subsidiary of Constructions Aeronautiques J. Levy or another Leon-George Levy firm that built original designs vs. licensed designs. Products included the Levy Type GL.40 flying boat, 1917 (100 were delivered), and Levy Type R flying boat, date not known.

Gunston attributes these aircraft to Constructions Aéronautiques J. Lévy. Curiously, he has no entry for the company Hydravions Georges Levy and he does not mention it in under Levy but he does say under Besson that the LB flying boats were built by Hydravions Georges Levallois et Levy. SD does not show either the "L.B." (Levy-Besson) or "LB" (Levy-Biche) being built by Hyravions. We have not established that the name Levallois belongs in the Hydravions name.


Organization names flying boats appear to have been built under the name Hydravions Georges Levy.
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