Charles Healy Day

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Charles Healy Day had been a designer for the new Glenn L. Martin Company in 1911, then managed his own tractor biplane shop. In 1912-1913, he returned to Martin mid-1913, then was on his own for a while again in 1914.

We don't have the names of his independent shops 1912-1913 and 1914, and will make do with Charles Healy Day company for now. The records on the person and the company should be made a little more separate over time.

Day specialized in building tractor biplanes and built a pusher biplane in 1913. In 1914, he built a Gnome tractor and a 1914 Gyro tractor; the latter sounds as though it may have been the special looping aeroplane Day built in 1914 for DeLloyd Thompson who traveled as an aerial acrobat.

In 1914 Day closed his shop and moved to Sloane Aeroplane Co. as a designer.


  • SD95, 215
  • 1917AAE182
  • 1917ASJ274
  • 1919YB195-196

Names Charles Healy Day
Birth date
Death date
Occupations aircraft designer
Tech areas biplanes
Affiliations Glenn L. Martin Company, Charles Healy Day company, Sloane Aeroplane Co.
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