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W. W. Townsend was the U.S. patent examiner who examined the Wright brothers' first patent submission in 1903.

A little over a month after the Wrights filed their patent application (date?), Patent Office Examiner W. W. Townsend looked at it. From Head, 2008, pp 29-34:

Townsend was in charge of examining all 'flying machine' applications. . . . In most cases he questioned their ability to fly. To him, unless it had a gas bag attached, it wouldn't fly. Thus, as usual, Townsend rejected the [application]. . . he didn't understand how it would fly. [And] he denied that application as not defining anything new over five U.S. and one Germany patent.

Which patents were those? Not visible yet.

See also patent examiiner J. H. Colwell.

Names W. W. Townsend
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Countries US
Occupations patent examiner
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Affiliations USPO, US Patent Office
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