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128 Airship gas cell construction and arrangement:

This subclass is indented under subclass 117. Construction and arrangements of gas-containing units in lighter-than-air craft.
(1) Note. Devices for compressing or expanding one or more gas cells to alter their buoyancy are found in this class, subclass 97.

428, Stock Material or Miscellaneous Articles, appropriate subclasses, for a stock material product in the form of a single or plural layer web or sheet, and especially subclasses 175+ , 190, 193, and 196+ for such a product embodying mechanically interengaged strands or strand-portions.

442, Fabric (Woven, Knitted, or Nonwoven Textile or Cloth, etc.), subclasses 59+ for a coated or impregnated fabric.

Enclosing categories USPC 244, USPC 244/117
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