Sáiz, 2002

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  • Sáiz reviewed administrative files and reports in the archives of the OEPM (Spanish Patent and Trademarks Office), not mainly secondary sources.
  • The oldest of these, from the "Ancien-Regime", were "royal privileges." Overall, 48,000 files. (Maybe that's 48,000 patent applications.)
  • In the earliest period, under the absolute monarchy, royal privileges were given out arbitrarily, at least as early as 1478. Will skip details here since our attention goes to early aero. (p47-48)
  • The first patent law was "decreed" by the Napoleonic regime in 1811, and was mostly a copy of the French patent law of 1791. (p48)
  • Major patent legislation appeared in 1811, 1820, 1826, 1878, 1902, 1929, and 1986. Until the last one, this is a registration system, with no technical examination. (p48)
  • The duration of patent terms is 20 years from 1878 on. Before that it's 10-15 years. (p48)
  • Patents of introduction are included, but generally do not outlaw import of the patented good. These are distinct from technological inventions. (p48)
  • "Addition" patents exist from the 1878 law and onward (p49)
  • There was some rule requiring implementation or the patent would expire. (p49)
  • Patent fees are listed in the table, page 49 ; the currency is not clear, but is translated into modern euros
  • ==> The main relevant law for the early aero period is the 1878 law. (30 June 1878, during the Bourbon Restoration)