Orville Wright to Griffith Brewer 31-Jan-1913

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Orville acknowledges receipt of Brewer's letter with patent specifications, and of another with formation papers for the British Wright Company (after seeing which he cabled "Approved" to Brewer).

Katherine and Orville are planning to travel to Germany by way of Britain, sailing from New York on 12 February. The German patent lawyers for the Wrights have requested their presence at a trial in Leipzig on 26 February. (The editors say it concerns German patent #173378, "Mit wagerechtem Kopfruder und senkrechtem Schwanzruder versehener Gleitflieger" 24 March 1904. Patent DE-1904-173378 (pdf).

Orville sent a letter to the Short Brothers a few days ago asking them for ₤140.

A letter from French patent agent Charles Thierry informed the Wrights that taxes were coming due "in the Automatic Case for Great Britain". They were planning not to renew most of their European patents but suggest that the British Wright Company might decide differently.


Sender Orville Wright
Recipient Griffith Brewer
Date sent 31-Jan-1913
From location Dayton, Ohio
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Language English
Refers to flight? 1
Tech fields airplane, rudder
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