Katharine Wright to Griffith Brewer 13-Sep-1914

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Wright gives some updates on Lt. Kenneth Whiting, Oscar Brindley, and Alpheus Barnes, people connected with the Wright School of Aviation at Simms Station, Huffman Prairie. She mentions a letter of support for the Wright Brothers from Lord Northcliffe.

Wright also comments on American public opinion regarding World War I, which she considers favorable to the allies. ("In six weeks, I have run across just six people who are for the Kaiser. All the rest hope he will have his head thoroughly punched and we think he will, undoubtedly.") She mentions that Orville is suffering from rheumatism.


Sender Katharine Wright
Recipient Griffith Brewer
Date sent 13-Sep-1914
From location Dayton, Ohio
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Language English
Refers to flight? 1
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