Griffith Brewer to Orville Wright 9-Aug-1913

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Brewer says he has a copy of Patent AT-1905-23174 and sends a translation of its four claims, which he thinks were poorly written by someone in Austria in 1904. Nevertheless, he thinks the British Wright Company will want to hold on to it.

Brewer mentions that he saw Dr. Eberhardt (probably John C. Eberhardt, president of the Aero Club of Dayton)[1] at the FAI conference at the Hague last week.


Sender Griffith Brewer
Recipient Orville Wright
Date sent 9-Aug-1913
From location
To location 1127, West Third Street, Dayton, Ohio, USA
Communication type
Language English
Refers to flight? 1
Tech fields airplane, rudder, frame
Length (in words)
Full text available