Griffith Brewer to Orville Wright 13-Feb-1914

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Brewer acknowledges receipt of letter from Wright regarding cost of litigation in US, which he says matches the British Wright Company's estimate (made to the British War Office) of ₤30,000. He also received a copy of the judgment in the case against Glenn Curtiss, which he calls "most satisfactory".

Brewer suggests that he and Wright draw up patent applications for longitudinal and lateral stabilizers and that these be filed first in Britain.(Doing so would give a 12-month window for filing in the US.) Brewer says he'll come right away to Dayton. He asks Wright to telegraph him the word "WELCOME" if this sounds a good plan.

(One might infer from subsequent letters that this visit did not take place.)


Sender Griffith Brewer
Recipient Orville Wright
Date sent 13-Feb-1914
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Language English
Refers to flight? 1
Tech fields airplane, stability
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