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Flugsport was a journal edited by Oskar Ursinus beginning in 1908.

Online availability

Online availability seems a little spotty. Unfortunately, so does print access. Held by some German libraries and the University of Strassbourg (see WorldCat) Also by the Naval Marine Archive in Picton, Ontario (not outrageously far from Syracuse, New York).

Google offers some previews, such as Zeitschrift Flugsport - Jahrgang 1909 and Zeitschrift Flugsport - Jahrgang 1913. Of note, aside from the more generally featured preview pages, is that any page, within any volume, may come up in a Google search, based on an inventor's name or any other data.

Searchable text 1909–1944 is found at pennula.de (and other websites); PDFs are behind a paywall.

1915 on Internet Archive.


Original title Flugsport
Simple title Flugsport
Authors Oskar Ursinus
Countries DE
Languages de, fr
Journal Flugsport
Related to aircraft? 1
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