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Edward Richer Butler was an aero inventor whom German data has filing from Lübeck, Germany.[1]

Very slightly later French data gives the name Edward Butler, also pertains to the hydro-aeroplane, and has him filing in collaboration with Francesco Sargant and Giovanni Pegna, with all three being treated as located in Italy.[2] That the German filing and the French share the same Italian priority date is one matter, along with the recurrence of the hydro-aeroplane. There are also deep similarities in the manner of the diagrams, between the above German filing, and this French filing, as well as the Austrian filing seen below. We do believe that this Edward Butler is Edward Richer Butler, and he seems be the leader in these collaborations.

Butler is clearly an non-Italian name, whereas the other inventors seem to be Italian. This is all of interest, as Germany and Italy were belligerents in World War I, and these filing dates take place in the key summer of 1914, fitting neatly vis-à-vis the July Crisis per se.

Still later, we have the fuller name Edward Richer Butler, and the location Kucknitz B. Lübeck, Germany.[3]

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Edward Richer Butler or Edward R. Butler or Edward Butler


Names Edward R. Butler; Edward Butler
Birth date
Death date
Locations Lübeck, Germany; Kucknitz B. Lübeck, Germany; Italy
Tech areas Hydro-aeroplane, Stability, Airplane, Floats, Winglets
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