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Chancery Lane is a street in the City of London long associated with law and specifically patents. Great Britain's Patent Office was there located (in and around the “Southampton Buildings”) until 1991 and a number of the patent agents in our database had offices there.

We sporadically have “Chancery Lane Station Chambers, London”, as opposed to a street number address.[1][2]

We have Jessel Chambers as establishment associated with the addresses 88, 89, and 90, Chancery Lane, London, W.C.[3]. Patent agents Cassell & Co. and Alfred Ernest White‎‎ are both associated with these “Chambers”. Patent GB-1909-21732 has Cassell & Co. located at the same address numbers with no mention of Jessel Chambers.

“Chancery Lane” could be seen perhaps as something of an “establishment”, or “culture”, thought of or approached through and beyond the period upon which we are focused.

Barnes Wallis, throughout 1941 and 1942, inquires about Germany’s dams “through patent agents in Chancery Lane, and about hydro-electric control mechanisms via an engineering firm in Kilmarnock”.[4]