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A number of these appear on Canadian patent records, especially CIPO records like this one:

CIPO's site says the national system is:[1]

The system used by Canada prior to October 1989 to classify inventions. Each application is assigned a main (primary) classification and can also be assigned multiple secondary classifications. The classifications are two number separated by a slash, e.g. 20/230: 20 is the class, 230 is the subclass

CIPO uses the abbreviation "CPC" for "Canadian Patent Classification" but he we use that abbreviation for the international Cooperative Patent Classification system. We use CA to identify categories in this system. The CIPO website enables searches by class.[2] (Sorting by patent number more or less accomplishes sorting by date.)

A full list of the classes in the system is here:

The Canadian system resembles the USPC system. We'll analyze the differences. We don't see yet when these categories were first applied.

Key classes for this site:

  • CA 60: Power plant
  • CA 115: Marine propulsion
  • CA 123: Internal combustion engines
  • CA 244: Aeronautics, either heavier or lighter than air, and spaceflight

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Enclosing categories Patent category systems
Subcategories CA 60, CA 115, CA 123, CA 244
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