CPC B64C25/42

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Arrangements or adaptations of brakes.

Classification tree:[1]

  • CPC B64C25/00; Alighting gear (air-cushion alighting gear B60V3/08)
    • CPC B64C25/32: characterised by the ground or like engaging elements (arrester hooks B64C25/68)
      • CPC B64C25/42: Arrangements or adaptations of brakes (the ground braking force being regulated, at least in part, by a speed condition, e.g. acceleration or deceleration of the ground engaging alighting gear, B60T8/32)
        • CPC B64C25/423: Braking devices acting by reaction of gaseous medium (B64C25/426 takes precedence; using rockets B64D27/023)
        • CPC B64C25/426: Braking devices providing an automatic sequence of braking
        • CPC B64C25/44: Actuating mechanisms
Enclosing categories CPC B64C25/32
Subcategories CPC B64C25/423, CPC B64C25/426, CPC B64C25/44
Keywords brakes
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