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CPC B60B is a technology classification of patents for those about XYZ.[1][2]

Tech classification tree:

  • CPC B60B: Vehicle wheels (making wheels or wheel parts by rolling B21H1/00, by forging, hammering or pressing B21K1/28); castors; axles; increasing wheel adhesion. Wheels (wheels for roller skates A63C17/22; making wheels or wheel parts B21D53/26; by rolling B21H1/00; by forging, hammering, or pressing B21K1/28)
    • CPC B60B1/00: Spoked wheels; Spokes thereof (non-metallic B60B5/00 ; spoked wheels comprising rail-engaging elements B60B17/001; making wheel spokes B21F39/00)
    • CPC B60B1/02
    • CPC B60B3/00: Disc wheels, i.e. wheels with load-supporting disc body (non- metallic B60B5/00; wheel cover discs B60B7/00 ; disc wheels comprising rail-engaging elements B60B17/0006)
      • CPC B60B3/08: with disc body formed by two or more axially spaced discs (comprising rail-engaging elements formed by two or more axially spaced discs B60B17/0013)
    • CPC B60B9/00: Wheels of high resiliency, e.g. with conical interacting pressure-surfaces (resilient wheels comprising rail-engaging elements B60B17/0027)
    • CPC B60B19/00
    • CPC B60B27/0047
    • CPC B60B37/00: Wheel-axle combinations, e.g. wheel sets (units comprising multiple wheels arranged side-by-side B60B11/00; rail vehicle axle-boxes B61F)
      • CPC B60B37/10: the wheels being individually rotatable around the axles


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