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Alva L. Reynolds was an aero inventor in Long Beach, California. His personal life is summarized at[1] His middle name was Leman or Leeman.

He made several balloons from a design called the Man Angel. It has been suggested that they drew from Thomas Baldwin's designs. The first one was described as 34 feet long, 14 feet in diameter, a 3000-cubic-foot gas envelope, and a 4 x 10 foot gondola, and somehow weighed 18 pounds.[2] He filed aero patents in Mexico and Canada but apparently not in the U.S., which is hard to explain. Perhaps they were rejected.

Beyond aero, he published a book about the solar system and the ice age in 1911.[3]

He went on to find a way to draw hydro power from ocean waves, which he patented in a variety of ways. It is discussed in Popular Science.[4]

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Names Alva Reynolds; Alva L. Reynolds
Birth date 1861-01-20
Death date 1929-07-09
Countries US
Locations Los Angeles; Michigan
Tech areas
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