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The Aero Club of New York organized in April 1911 for the practical promotion of aviation. Its purpose was to provide and maintain an aerodrome superior to any heretofore established in the U.S. both for those who had acquired the art of aerial navigation and those learning to fly. The club opened its aerodrome at Garden City Estates, Long Island, New York, on 29 Apr. 1911, but appeared to wait until 10 June 1911 for the formal opening, which drew 1,000 spectators who watched a series of flights by aviators from the Mineola aeronautical colony. Some 20 miles from mid-Manhattan, the aerodrome could be reached either by the Long Island Railroad from the Flatbush Avenue Station, Brooklyn, or the new Pennsylvania Station in New York City. The Nassau Aviation School was established to instruct members of the club and as well as members of the U.S. Aeronautical Reserve, which was to use the field as its official testing ground. The club appears to have affiliated with the Aero Club of America in July 1911. Last mention in ACA Annuals was 1917 or 1918 (1918 annual not seen).

Initial officers included Timothy L. Woodruff, president; Clifford B. Harmon, Hudson Maxim, and Thomas S. Baldwin, vice presidents; Richard R. Sinclair, secretary, and J. M. Callanan, treasurer. A number of the 100 charter members had other affiliations including the Aero Club of America, the ACA's National Council, the Aeronautical Society, and the United States Aeronautical Reserve. Members owning or operating machines had a 20-room house facing the aerodrome field for living quarters and had the privileges of the Garden City Estates Club. Ten modern hangars, financed by Woodruff, had been constructed by mid-June 1911 and all had been applied for. In addition, two hangars were to be occupied by the Nassau Aviation School. The club held an aviation meet that began 24 June 1911 and sponsored several aviation contests on 22 July 1911. The aerodrome was also the site of the international aviation tournament conducted by the Nassau Aviation Corp. 23 Sept. - Oct. 1911.

Affiliated with ACA in 1911 or earlier


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Organization names Aero Club of New York
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Country US
City Garden City, Long Island, New York
Affiliated with ACA
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Started aero 1911
Ended aero 1920 or later
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  • Address: Aerodrome, Nassau Boulevard, Garden City Estates, Long Island (1911- )