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Circa 1915

Holden Chester Richardson was an aero inventor and later a test pilot. He may have been a co-founder of the Richardson Aeroplane Company.

From en.wp: "Richardson attended the United States Naval Academy, graduating in 1901. Among his classmates were fellow naval engineers Julius A. Furer and George C. Westervelt and future Chief of Naval Operations Ernest J. King.[2] Richardson learned to fly from Glenn Curtiss in 1913, and he was designated Naval Aviator number 13. He was the Navy's first engineering test pilot and helped develop the first Navy-built seaplane, pontoons and hulls that overcame water suction, and a catapult to launch aircraft. As a member of the Navy Construction Corps, Richardson helped to design the hull of the Curtiss NC flying boats.[3] On October 4, 1918, he performed the crucial test flight of NC-1, the first of these seaplanes, from Jamaica Bay. He then took the plane, with a full crew, for a shakedown flight to the Washington Navy Yard for inspection by Navy leadership."[1]

He may have been a founder of the Richardson Aeroplane Company which may also have worked in or near the Washington Navy Yard.

There are references to HC Richardson and, unrelatedly, a Richardson Aeroplane Co at http://aerofiles.com/_ra.html

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Names Holden Chester Richardson
Birth date 1878-12-07
Death date 1960-09-02
Countries US
Occupations military officer, pilot
Tech areas Buoyancy, Launching
Affiliations US Navy, Richardson Aeroplane Company
Wikidata id Q5879448