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The main Austrian patent classifications are the same as the German ones. We have reason to suspect that within 77, Austria's 77d matches better to Germany's 77h however. It may also be that we have come across few if any instances of the Austrian system's making use of further subdivision into numerically designated "Gruppe". That is, we find material classified as AT 77, and a small amount further sub-classified into AT 77b, and a great amount further sub-classified into AT 77d, but we do not find the Austrian equivalent of the German fully Klasse- and Gruppe-categorized DE 77h.15, as an example.

An Austrian law of September 15, 1898 defines the patent classification which is identical or nearly so to the German one:

Data drawn from the Austrian National Library

Class 77 there is "Sport, Spiele" -- sport and play. That's the most important home for aeronautics.

Enclosing categories Patent classification systems
Subcategories AT 20, AT 21a, AT 30, AT 33d, AT 37a, AT 37c, AT 42i, AT 46b, AT 61, AT 74, AT 77, AT 77b, AT 77d
Start year 1898
End year