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Enrico Forlanini was an Italian engineer credited with inventing the vapor powered helicopter.

British patent data gives Forlanini as a Mechanical Engineer addressed at 21 Via Boccaccio, Milan, Kingdom of Italy.[1]

The Forliani helicopter had a propeller with diameter 2.80m and a metal sphere suspended beneath as counterweight. Weight 3500g. It was demonstrated (no pilot?) at Alexandria on 29 June 1877, and shortly thereafter in Milan.[2]

(An earlier helicopter, powered by combusion and with a short successful flight, was built by Englishman W. H. Philipps in 1842.[2]

Forliani seems to have obtained a number of international aero patents later in his life, not for a helicopter, but for a hydroaeroplane and some other technology.

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Names Enrico Forlanini
Birth date 1848-12-13
Death date 1930
Countries IT
Locations Milan
Occupations engineer, mechanical engineer
Tech areas Helicopter, Steam, Marine, LTA, Propulsion, Hydroaeroplane
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