Westinghouse Air Spring Company

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Several Westinghouse-associated companies have aero patents. Possibly each company or subsidiary should have a page, or perhaps they should all be discussed here. Hopefully that becomes clear when we learn about their roles in the aero world, and with respect to one another. In the near run feel free to do either.

This may be the same as Westinghouse Air Brake Company, aka Q3257938.

  • Westinghouse Air Spring Company
  • Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company, aka Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company, aka Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company of Pennsylvania
  • British Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co., aka British Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co.
  • Societe Anonyme Westinghouse
  • Westinghouse Air Brake


Names Westinghouse Air Spring Company
Affiliations Westinghouse
Keywords suspension, shock absorber
Started aero
Ended aero
Key people Richard Liebau
Wikidata id