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Statax or Statax Aviation Motors (?) advertised in 1914.

"The Statax Engine Co., Ltd., of London, during 1914 produced air-cooled rotary engines in which the axes of the cylinders were arranged parallel to the axis of rotation. Steel cylinders, fitted with a number of circular aluminum cooling flanges, were held between the crankcase and the valve operating gear housing."[1]

  • Address: 1, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, London, W.C.
  • Cable address: Stataxab'e, London
  • Phone: 4860 Holborn


File:1914.4.2 - Statax.png
Advertisement in The Aeroplane, 2 April 1914.

Names Statax Engine Company, Limited, Statax Engine Company, Statax Engine
Country GB
City London
Started aero 1914?
Ended aero
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