Société Anonyme des Établissements Borel

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Patent BE-1912-250872

This company made a series of monoplanes, Bo1-19, 1909-1914, most like Moranes except for 1913 pushers. Bo11 made by Délécombe & Maréchal.

After conscription of workers forced Mourmelon factory to close (1914 or 1915?), it restarted in November 1915 as Établissements Borel with four factories working on Caudrons, Nieuports, and SPADs and Borel-Odier twin-engine seaplanes.

Restructured 1918; new name 1918 or 1919, Société Générale des Constructions Industrielles et Mécaniques (SCIM); may have closed 1919.

Source 1912FM615 (6 June 1912) lists Soc. Anon. des Aéroplanes Borel being entered in the British military aeroplane competition.

Our sparse patent data associated with this firm actually gives the corporate name “Société anonyme des Aéroplanes Borel‎”.[1]


  • Gabriel Borel; Odier?
  • G54-55, 271-272
  • Gunston, 2005, p70, 414
  • 1920Dir22


Patents associated with organization named Société Anonyme des Établissements Borel

Organization names Société Anonyme des Éstablissements Borel, beg. 1915 ; Société anonyme des Aéroplanes Borel (at least in Belgium, in 1912)
Entity type
Country FR, BE
City Mourmelon and other locations incl. 64, Quai National, Puteaux, Seine, and boule Bourdon, 22 bis, Neuilly-sur-Seine
Affiliated with
Started aero 1909
Ended aero Restructured 1918
Key people Gabriel Borel
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