Patent US-1918-1289206

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  • Tech classifications: CPC B64C3/385 Variable incidence wings

Objects of the invention are listed; the OCR scans are not clear but we can figure it out from page one of the text; here's a rushed job

  • Emphasizes frame which is to hold biplane wings or some such, and pivotable wing-like control surfaces, e.g. ailerons
  • Another purpose is to change of angle of incidence without disturbing the balance of the machine.
  • to prevent side slipping?
  • Another purpose is to provide improved ailerons
  • equipped as a hydroplane having a modified form of propelling arrangement, as well as a modified form of body or basket;
  • Inventor location: St. Louis Hotel, 34 East 32nd St, Manhattan, New York county, NYC, NY (FIPSloc=36061); a subject of Queen of the Netherlands


Year filed 1916
Year granted 1918
Office US
Patent number 1289206
Inventors George Lanzius
Inventor country US
Applicant person George Lanzius
Applicant firm Lanzius Aircraft Co.
Applicant type COMPANY+INDIV
Applicant is inventor? Yes
Original title Aeroplane
English title Aeroplane
Tech fields Aeroplane, frame
Filing date January 21, 1916
Full specification filed date
Application number 7332816
Grant date December 31, 1918
Granted? Yes
Publication date
Supplementary to patent
Related to aircraft? Yes
Serial number 73328
Patent agent
Assigned to
National tech categories USPC 244/48, USPC 244/119, USPC 244/131
IPCs IPC B64C3/38, IPC B64C3/00
CPCs CPC B64C3/385
Family year 1916
First filing? Yes
Cites these patents
Citations from after 1930
Application ID 47974403
INPADOC family ID 46853977
Number of text pages 10
Number of diagram pages 9
Number of figures 28
Number of claims 22