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Biplane with a shield-shaped upper main supporting plane and a pair of side planes which are adjustable ; designed to be able to float and propel itself in water ; has ailerons also by that name ; NOT QUITE DONE ; can't see how it's configured in water.

A braking system enables the "aviator, without any assistance" to "start the aeroplane in fullflight from a standing position." Whereas:

Usually for machines for this character for rise from the ground, they are restrained during the starting operations of the engines or engine by a number of helpers, who grasp convenient portions of the machine and forcibly hold the car against movement until the velocity of the propellers is sufficient to rapidly move the machine. In my invention the aviator takes his position in the seat, starts the engine, and by bulling on the lever 25 rocks the shaft 28 so as to lower the stanchions 22, thus increasing the angle of incidence of the aeroplanes and simultaneously releasing arm 32 from engagement with the stop 33 and allowing the hook 34 to swing below of the center of the pin 30, releases the car from the restraint of the guy ropes 35, when the car will immediately begin its flight.

There is also a stabilizing mechanism accomplished by imparting to the chair "an independent oscillating motion transversely and relatively to the boat A."

Inventor location (imputed by HistPat): Richmond, Contra Costa county, CA (FIPSloc=6013)


Year filed 1910
Year granted 1911
Office US
Patent number 1012836
Inventors Johan Richard Froberg
Inventor country US
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Original title Aerial machine
English title Aerial machine
Tech fields hydroplane, biplane, airplane, marine, stability, frame, takeoff, brake, rudder
Filing date November 15, 1910
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Application number 1910592443
Grant date December 26, 1911
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Serial number 592443
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National tech categories USPC 244/110D, USPC 244/35R, USPC 244/80, USPC 244/48
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