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Marcel Mathieu Etienne Besson was an aero inventor in France. after 1914 produced biplane and triplane "trainers," followed in 1917 by pusher triplane flying boats, called LB, from being built by Hydravions Georges Levallois et Levy. After 1921 built his own prototype fighters and seaplanes.

Gunston attributes the LB aircraft to Hydravions Georges Levallois et Levy, but curiously, has no entry for the company Hydravions Georges Levallois et Levy nor does he mention it in under Levy. SD does not show either the "L.B." (Levy-Besson) or "LB" (Levy-Biche) among the aircraft built by Hyravions Georges Levy. It also doesn't mention a firm Hydravions Georges Levallois et Levy, leading us to suspect that Levallois was not part of the firm's name.

Became division of ANF Les Mureaux circa 1926


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Patents applied for by Marcel Besson


Names Marcel Besson
Country France
City possibly Rue St. Denis, Boulogne
Started aero 1914
Ended aero 1926
Key people Marcel Mathieu Etienne Besson
Wikidata id