Luftfahrtzeugbau Gessellschaft Ing. Edmund Rumpler

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Dr. Edmund Rumpler (Austrian), mechanical engineering graduate of the Technical University of Vienna. In November 1908, Rumpler advertised in Berlin that the aircraft company of engineer Edmund Rumpler could execute his client's ideas for aircraft at moderate prices. As of February 1909 he had sufficient orders to warrant incorporating his company and soon opened a site at the Berlin Johannisthal airport to design and build aircraft as well as aircraft engines. He made a helicopter and nine monoplanes with engines that he built; all except one were unable to fly and the one that got airborne was destroyed on its first flight. He then reached out to the aircraft designer and constructor Igo Etrich whose Tabue 2 had flown for 68 minutes in May 1910 and got manufacturing and distribution rights for Germany.

The first Rumpler Taubes of 1910, though Etrich 2 reproductions, failed to fly until Rumpler finaly substituted an Antoinette engine for his own engines. Thereafter, Rumpler was on his way to success. Meanwhile, Etrich had been approached by Hellmuth Hirth about rights for Germany and since they had already been granted to Rumpler, Etrich sent Hirth to Rumpler. Hirth then trained as a pilot at the Etrich factory under Karl Illner, returning to Rumpler in March 1911 as Rumpler's chief pilot. Rumpler soon stopped paying licensing fees to Etrich, though to December 1912 he was still constructing the original Etrich II ("Dove"), or the same with only minor modifications. Etrich apparently not only did not fight this but withdrew his patent application in Germany. To 1914, Rumpler produced about 200 Taubes of various types, though none significantly different from the original, as well as producing fuselages, landing gear, and such. After that, he produced aircraft for the Germany military, primarily biplanes, including reconnaissances and bombers, presumably stopping by Armistice.

G and 2dG said 1909 company was founded with R. Haessner but so far have not have not seen any other mention of Haessnr. Hellmuth Hirth departed in a wage dispute in the spring of 1913 and went to Albatros-Werke where he became technical director and had Albatros build a Taube for his use. Werner Wieting became Rumpler's chief pilot in 1914. Company was liquidated in 1920 according to G and 2dG.

Names: Luftfahrtzeugbau Gessellschaft Ing. Edmund Rumpler, 1908; Rumpler-Luftfahrzeugbau GmbH, 1909-1915; Rumpler Flugzeugwerke GmbH, 1915-1916; Rumpler-Werke AG, 1916-


Names Luftfahrtzeugbau Gessellschaft Ing. Edmund Rumpler, Rumpler-Luftfahrzeugbau GmbH, Rumpler Flugzeugwerke GmbH, Rumpler-Werke AG
Country Germany
City Berlin; Berlin-Johannisthal
Started aero 1908
Ended aero 1918
Key people Edmund Rumpler, Igo Etrich, R. Haessner, Hellmuth Hirth, Werner Wieting, Karl Illner
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