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Luft Fahrzeug G.m.b.H., or "Luft-Fahrzeug-Gesellschaft" was formed on 30 April 1908 from the assets of an experimental airship engine company located in Bitterfeld, Germany. (We have this prior firm designated as Motorluftschiff Studiengesellschaft m.b.H.) Additional funding was provided primarily by Krupp, AEG, or more properly Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft, and a local chemical company. The company's offices were located in Berlin along with the factory at Adlershof. Manufacture was transferred to Charlottenburg following a fire on 6 September 1916, allegedly caused by the British Secret Service. They worked quite extensively both with the airship and the airplane.[1]

Their first project was an airship design by August the German von Parseval.[2] (See the Parseval within our data.)

Their airplane types, largely geared towards the German military through World War I, constitute a vast array.[3]

(In at least one case, apparently, our data has Luft Fahrzeug G.m.b.H. listed as "agent". On occasion they worked through another per se patent agents, French or otherwise.)

(There patent filings were made in several countries. We are still organizing this data, and finding more.)

(In terms of patents, Motorluftschiff Studiengesellschaft m.b.H and Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft are also likely to factor well into our data. We are gathering more of said data on these firms, via Espacenet and other sources presently.)

Names Luft Fahrzeug G.m.b.H., Luft-Fahrzeug-Gesellschaft
Country DE, FR, US, HU
City Bitterfeld; Berlin; Adlershof
Affiliations Motorluftschiff Studiengesellschaft m.b.H, Krupp, Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft
Keywords Airplane, Airship, Balloons, Military, Parseval
Started aero 1908
Ended aero 1933
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